Brown University in Fall - a must see - also keep an eye on their public events calendar. Lectures, classes, gallery openings, etc.

11 Gorgeous Photos Of Fall Foliage On College Campuses

bklynmed: “ Department of Applied Mathematics at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA (by Gabriel Juca).

Located in historic Providence, Rhode Island and founded in 1764, Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the United States. Brown is an independent, coeducational Ivy League institution comprising undergraduate and graduate programs. Brown was the first Ivy League school to accept students from all religious affiliations, a testament to the spirit of openness that still typifies Brown today.

Brown University - In Photos: Best Research Universities

Brown University: Rhode Island - home to your Great Grandmother Princess Elizabeth Minnetinka (Minnetonka) ~ Narragansett Tribe

Oh my gosh..I can smell the crisp, autumn air and fall leaves!!! Brown University

Just smell that crisp, autumn air and those fall leaves! Brown University in Rhode Island is a beautiful place to do just that.

Brown University and Providence, RI

19 on Money's Best Colleges List: Brown University. Brown is known for strong science programs, which may be one reason why Brown graduates tend to do well on the job market.

Brown University Campus

Learn about Brown University and What It Takes to Get In

While children from privileged backgrounds have an advantage to getting into the most elite colleges, there are steps parents from modest means can take to put their children on the path to Ivy League.

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island ...

- spent a week here one summer for the International Women Writers Guild conference. Pretty campus in a beautiful city! The students said the cafeteria food was much better the week we invaded.

Emma Watson Graduates From Brown University!

Emma Watson Graduates From Brown University!

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Brown University-my adviser thinks I could go here for grad school. I think he's a lil crazy

Brown University-my adviser thinks I could go here for grad school. I think he's a lil crazy

Brown University campus in Providence by chibeba, via Flickr...Georgian style of Ameican early colonial architecture

Brown University campus in Providence - Alex attends school here in Remembrandt by Robin King, young adult romantic suspense novel.