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Balayage Hair For Tan Skin

Base Highlight flash w/ 20 vol Toner w/ a lil splash of clear for extra shine. For her cut I started with an exaggerated Aline then I razored throughout he entire cut to soften & deconstruct

Warm Brunette

Warm Brunette (Mane Interest)

Brunettes – when you say you want warmer colors, this is what you mean! Loving these reddish warm tones on a dark brunette base. Color by Ayla Schaap. Filed under: Hair Color, Hair Styles, Hair Styli

fall hair color, long brown hair with caramel balayage- my dark brown hair looks amazing with caramel highlights!

55 Fall Hair Color Ideas For Blonde, Brown and Auburn Hairstyles

Red Balayage & Hair Highlights : 60 Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel and Red Highlights – The Right Hairstyles for You

It's that cold time of the year again, and you're thinking about changing your hair's color to something more cozy and suites the season. Here are some of the best colors for winter this year, to inspire your next hair color.

14 Winter Hair Color Trends You Have To Watch This Year

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Auburn hair color is a variety of red hair, most commonly described as reddish-brown in color. Auburn hair color ranges in shades from medium to dark.

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Rahua Color Full Conditioner

These 10 Greek Wedding Hairstyles will guarantee that no matter which look you choose, you will be an unforgettable image of love and beauty as a bride.

Brunette shaded plum. Or plum shaded brunette.  Color by Lindsey Glova.  Filed under: Hair Color, Hair Styles, Hair Stylists Tagged: beauty, brunette, hair, hair color, hairstyles, PURPLE HAIR, style,

Plum Brunette (Mane Interest)

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes : Brunette shaded plum. Or plum shaded brunette. Color by Lindsey Glova. Filed u