10 times Niles from The Nanny threw shade..... Let's be real. This doesn't even scrap the surface of the shade he threw

10 Times Niles From "The Nanny" Threw The Best Shade

The Nanny. I love the relationship between CC and Niles! I was literally just telling my fiance how much I love their interactions with eachother!

I almost cried when she died, the tears came once he found out

Divergent Confessions omg yes I cried at Tobias reaction to when tris died.>>>I cried for that too but I was still BAWLING when tris died

Hunger Games / Catching Fire

Catching fire hasn't come out yet in Australia so I don't have a fave scene but I am going to see it with Baird Saunders

you obviously don't know my beloved sammy winchester ♥

you obviously don't know sammy winchester >> or Dean>> or Cas