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18 Urban and Wilderness Survival Hacks That Would Make MacGyver Proud - Prepare for Economic Depression Now

Vintage Bushcraft Kit. The simplicity of wood, canvas, leather and steel. I have always choose the vintage stuff, 1. Kept together better, 2. Lasted longer, 3.cheaper , 4. Could withstand all weather and only have to buy one rather than several for different weather. Yes it can be heavier, but grow a pair and it won't be an issue.

Kind of a “new-classic” version of the camping outfit. Love the old wooden mess utensils.

A Beginner's Guide to Avoiding Bloated Bushcraft - TheSurvivalSherpa.com

A Beginner’s Guide to Avoiding Bloated Bushcraft

Survival and Camping Tips - Imgur

Survival and Camping Tips

How to Sleep Warm. Keeping warm is essential during emergency/survival times. Here are some great solutions to staying warm.

Beautiful leather -bushcraft archery kit - I wish there was more than a picture                                                                                                                                                     More

This is my archery set. The tips are celestial bronze, like all greek weapons. When my bow and quiver aren't in use they disapear in thin air and come back at my command.