New Varangian Guard - Constantinople

New Varangian Guard - Constantinople (personal bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperor)

Byzantine design. Good inspiration.

image for paper bag batik. could also make b/w line drawings & use for cyanotypes. Owen Jones - plate of Byzantine design from The Grammar of Ornament the kind of ornamental deco I would expect in the Red Keep

By 1025, the Byzantine Empire stretched across modern-day Turkey, Greece and the Balkans.<br />

History of the Byzantine Empire (Byzantium)

Princess Irina Volodarovna (Ирина Володаровна ) by Arthur Orlenov. | 20th century Russian painting | Slavic royal women | Kievan Rus | 11th century medieval noblewoman | Byzantine Empire in Art

"Irina Volodarovna" – a painting by Artur Orlenov, Irina Volodarovna – was a Russian medieval Russian Princess

Crown Byzantine

Women's hairstyles, coifs, crowns, and jewelry worn during the Byzantine Era. From Byzantine Fashion coloring book by Tom Tierney

John II Komnenos and Irene of Hungary. Art by Antoine Helbert.

Click the image to open in full size. Appears to be based on the Emperor John II and Empress Irene with the Virgin Mary Mosaic in Hagia Sophia, Constantinople.

Byzantine collar in gold with pearls and sapphire cabachons. Altes Museum, Berlin. The Byzantine “collar” is a piece of jewellery sewn onto a textile or gilded leather base similar in style and decoration to the loros, a long, narrow and embroidered scarf which was wrapped around the torso and dropped over the left hand..

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Gold & Sapphire Necklace - Altes Museum, Berlin Byzantine Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art

5/4/15 the fact that each little bead was probably hand sewn to creat the glass mirror resemblance is mind blowing

Dolce & Gabanna Fall Winter 2013-14

Dolce & Gabbana FW took their inspiration for this collection from the Monreale Cathedral in Sicily. It is permeated with religious underpinnings, and all the while very Italian and even more sexy. NO respect.