ACE Inhibitors for high blood pressure (HBP/HTN). Don't forget about the Beta-blockers, Calcium Channel blockers (CCB), Vasodilators, Diuretics, Alpha-Beta Blockers, ...

“ ACE Inhibitors- How do they work? Angiotensin II is a very potent chemical that causes the blood vessels to contract, thereby narrowing the vessels. This increases the pressure within the vessels causing high blood pressure (hypertension).

Cardiac Medication Overvie ABCCD_Cardiac MEDS_StickEnotes_Nursing KAMP My Level 1 Sheet covering Cardiac Medications by order of Priority- Normal hemodynamics Pulse Pressure Cardiac output Stroke Volume PAWP Wedge pressure CVP JVP JVD Nursing KAMP Student NCLEX Adenosine Beta Blockers Calcium Channel Blockers Digoxin Lasix Nuursing Students NCLEX

Here is my study sheet on my Cardiac ABCDE they are in order of priority A are your acute medications that are used in acute situations- A hand sewn Lad” – Adenosine-Heparin-Atropine-Ni…

Amlodipine Besylate is a long acting dihydropyridine-type calcium channel blocker. This is the most common drug that is recommended for the lower of hypertension and treatment of angina or chest pain.  Lowering the high blood pressure (Hypertension) is helpful in preventing strokes, heart attacks and kidney problems. It is quite helpful drug in increasing the…

High Blood Pressure

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Calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and more helped lower my blood pressure somewhat, but they never came close to getting at the root of my cardiovascular irregularities.

My incredible disappearing hypertension

My hypertension issues go way back. Early in my life, my high blood pressure surprised my doctors since I wasn't overweight, exercised frequently and ate what they thought was a healthy diet.