I don't like smoking or people doing it but dang! I know he may not do it all the time but still please don't do it all the time!

lisssssttteeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn I do not like the fact that Calum smokes but I have no control over that, he can do what he wants, loOKS REALLY FLIPPIN HOT

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Calum freaking hood put down that cigarette<<<imma kill him. Then imma kill ash for not killing him.

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5SOS's Calum Hood emerges at airport following petrol station scandal

Heyyyyyy I'm calummmmm!!! I'm 20 and single! My little sis is Bex and my little bro is Colby if you hurt any of them I will kill you

I'm calum I'm 19 and single. Audrey is my little sis. I have a habit of keeping everything in

calum hood smoking - HOW COULD HE!!!>>> CALUM GET DOWN HERE AND EXPLAIN THIS!!! YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE..*whispers* run.

I hate that he's smoking :( but it's his life

QUESTION: Did cal stop smoking yet? I'm gonna cry if that's a no... Please comment or message me :) (I should say I have nothing against him smoking. He can make his own decisions, and I'll support him no matter what. I just don't want something bad to happen.)<<<<<<<< SAME BUT EVERYONE'S JUST LIKE, IT'S SO HOT OMG! Like REALLY??? IT'S DEADLY!!!!!!!!❌❌❌❤❤❤

Can we appreciate how fluffy his hair looks like I just want to cuddle with him all day 😍😍😊

5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Michael Clifford Luke Hemmings Calum Hood

5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Michael Clifford Luke Hemmings Calum Hood<<< but they have worn capes hahaha