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– mon destin ? il dépend des hommes. Moi, je veux être calme et doux…-

Cane Corso Dogs

Cane Corso Dogs

Cane Corso, I so want one!!!!

This is my first time hearing of the Cane Corso breed and even the picture alone makes me fall in love instantly.

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How To Love a Cane Corso, Without Going Crazy - "a practical guide to living with a Cane Corso"

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Des #chiens Cane Corso qui ressemblent à des #panthères !! #chien #animal #panthère #animaux

i'm not really a Cane Corso person, but this is definetly "something wicked this way comes" not pits but still a bully breed

Cane Corso pup

Cane Corso pup

Le Cane Corso, un molosse affectueux

Cane Corso, uncropped ears--ear cropping is just one more thing that makes "attack breeds" seem scary to uneducated people, and they're way cuter this way!