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Seequin Seequin Chandeliers wedding design wedding decoration wedding decor Inspiration wedding inspiration wedding decor 2 inspiration found and beautiful or even for the inside of the kids playhouse

Cardboard Chandelier

Girl With A Surfboard: Cardboard Chandelier DIY **always wanted to know how to make one! paint and add glitter for a sparkly chandelier or sticky diamonds or studs

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As a creative freelancer, I often design themed environments for special events. Large chandeliers are expensive (even as a rental) and are exceedingly complicated.

Idées suspensions papier/carton

Cover ugly lights in dining room and bathroom with chandelier and balance! 15 DIY Cardboard Crafts In Your Decor

Reciclando Cartón Diy (Recopilatorio) | Manualidades

Reciclando Cartón: ¡Ideas económicas con resultados espectaculares!

Reciclando Cartón Diy (Recopilatorio) | Manualidades

Recycled Cardboard Chandelier - pendant-lighting

Recycled Cardboard Chandelier

Suspended pendant lighting chandelier composed of three concentric elements made of recycled corrugated cardboard 100 % handcrafted Made in Italy.

How to make a chandelier from cardboard that actually lights up

You will need: Printed or freehand design Craft or utility knife Felt tip marking pen Large piece of poster board or cardboard Tape .

Cardboard Chandelier Tutorial + Printable Template

Cardboard Chandelier Tutorial + Printable Template ~ Spray Paint it and hang it from the top of the locker?

Make your cardboard chandelier!

A cardboard box can be so many things: a pint-sized rocket to the moon, a typewriter, or this classy silhouette chandelier.