Using your thumb to cast on... Could be interesting to try!

Cast-On Knitting: The Thumb Method, A Tutorial

Thumb method cast-on knitting -- also known as the single cast-on or the backward loop cast on -- is one of the simplest cast ons.

How to Cast On with the Thumb Method - Dummies

How to Cast On with the Thumb Method - dummies

Channel cast on for pretty edges

Channel Island Cast On

Tutorial for attractive cast on edge detail . Free tutorial with pictures on how to cast on in under 10 minutes by knitting with yarn. How To posted by Hand Knitted Things. in the Yarncraft section Difficulty: Cost: No cost.

Judy Becker shows how to do the basic Judy's Magic Cast-On, with tips and tricks to help you get started.

Judy's Magic Cast-On. Video by Judy Becker demonstrating Judy's Magic Cast-On. Be patient. The video is just a blank black background with silence for the first 10 seconds. Demonstration is using 2 circular needles.

Cast on Thumb method/knit on method | Hook, Yarn, and Needles the Old Stuff

Cast on Thumb method/knit on method

Knitting Tutorial: close up of thumb method cast on in 5 pictures

Tuesday Tips #2: Casting on, three ways

thumb style casting on for knitting european - Google Search

Loop Cast On. It creates a very loose and thin edging to the knitted fabric and is a good all-purpose cast on. It is also known as the backward loop cast on, the e-wrap cast on, or single cast on.

Channel Island Cast-on, Thumb method - YouTube

Making a Channel Island Cast-on using the English Thumb Method

Long Tail Cast On - Thumb Method

A variation of the long tail cast on that is also know as the thumb method.