Cave Quest VBS. Nazarene caverns. Recruit volunteers and preregistration for VBS.

Love the railway cart! Recruit volunteers and preregistration for VBS.

How to make giant borax crystals

Borax Crystals: How to Grow Giant DIY Borax Crystals

DIY Borax Crystals - frame them, glue them on top of a wood jewelry box, grow a collection for the mantle, or just make them with the kids for fun!

Hallway Decorations at Cave Quest VBS

Cave Quest Decorating

Create a cave-like setting in your Cave Quest hallways with brown kraft paper, crumpled together to create fun textures!

neon paint glow in the dark table cloth;; kelly ladd sanchez;

DIY Glow in the Dark Tablecloth Decor with Splatter Paint

Waterfall for Cave Quest VBS

Saving only as idea to use lights hanging down on a wall to mimic waterfall

Cave Quest ceiling stalactites decoration

Cave Quest Decorating

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