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If another woman steals your (wo)man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. Real (wo)men can't be stolen.

A message to all the ex boyfriends and husbands!

We all have that one Ex (25 photos)

Dear Ex.when you see me, I want you to recognize what you had, regret what you've lost, and realize what you're never getting back.

If your boyfriend is an asshole now dont marry him because hes always going to be an asshole quotes - Google Search

You found out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you? These 25 Ways of Getting Revenge On Your Cheating Boyfriend will help you.

This was the first picture I saw today - incidentally, today I found out he cheated on me. Coincidence....

Never understood why he was so tired all the time but now I know: Lying must be exhausting, even for someone who does it on a regular basis. Or he was sick. All the damn time!

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You said I love you, and I said it too. The only difference s, I didn't lie to you.

25 Ways of Getting Revenge On Your Cheating Boyfriend It can mess with you

He was a bit of a mess. She did QUITE a number on him. But he's better than ever now, and happier than he ever could have imagined. I've shown him what love actually means.