Cheers to summer | Paris: #leoniehanne #ohhcouture

Monday Update #49

Cheers to being back in Paris, reunited with the family. I had an amazing time attending Roland Garros for the first time and ending the day with an unforgettable dinner next to the Eiffel Tour.

Moët Moments – Among Friends

Moët Moments – Among Friends (Tuula)

''moët moments – among friends '' Picnic party in Spoon Bay, Central Coast - Australia // by Jessica Stein-tuulavintage

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A winter retreat with lots of cheese and rabbits... — Marte Marie Forsberg Photography

A winter retreat with lots of cheese and rabbits...

La forma correcta de tomar las bebidas es del fuste, ya que de lo contrario podemos alterar la temperatura de la bebida. Por otra parte esta el coñac o el brandy, los cuales se toman del cáliz para mantener la bebida caliente; su copa esta diseñada de modo que toda su mano se a molde a la copa...

How to Properly Hold Each Drink Glass

How to correctly hold your drink correctly. Please note: if someone is pressed about how you hold your glass, they are being pretentious elitist and do not deserve the presence of your company.

How to make your own floral ice cubes!  Love this DIY using edible flowers.  Great party planning idea and easy tutorial. #cheers #pink #partyplanning

Dahlias, ranunculus, pieris and other fall flowers. Super easy tutorial broken down step by step with a fall floral guide.

prickly pear margaritas | camille styles

Prickly Pear Margaritas