how to draw chibi daenerys from game of thrones

Here is the second chibi based on a Games of Thrones character that I said I would upload.

上半身/インナー エリスレースフリルドレスA黒

上半身/インナー エリスレースフリルドレスA黒

Probably the cutest version of Amaterasu ever. XD Amaterasu (or Ammy) is the main character from the video game, Okami. It's a perfect blend of traditional Japenese art and video game story telling. And of course you get to kick the butts of countless monsters as well! :P

amaterasu capcom chibi chibiterasu lowres mabo (pixiv) mismatch no humans ookami (game) shimabo solo wolf younger - Image View -

Video game character design collection IISome concept ideas for Almost a Hero video game by Bee Square Games

Spanish artist Pablo Hernandez shared some of his latest computer game character designs on Behance and they're adorable.