Choked flow

Pygmy sunfish (Elassoma okefenokee).. inhabit slow flowing, weed-choked areas of inch or so...require small live foods, such as blackworms or Daphnia,..mid to bottom tank

inhabit slow flowing, weed-choked areas of water.require small live foods, such as blackworms or Daphnia,.mid to bottom tank

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Today I overheard a conversation between a rather geeky ugly girl and a popular handsome guy.

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When an EXO-L makes a joke to help mask the pain.<<that comment though (couldn't be any sadder)

On his guitars: 'They all have a soul and they all come alive,' said Eric Clapton

I choked up as my guitars were sold: Eric Clapton on raising £10m for charity but having his heart broken in the process

Lol.. I wish I could directly attach this to certain peoples FB pages. .. either that or grow a pair and say it directly ;)

Free and Funny Breakup Ecard: However do you keep yourself from choking on that constant flow of bullshit coming out of your mouth? You are amazing!

Hey look. Theres my heart on the floor. I guess I didnt need it.

Oh, hey look,my heart has been crushed into a gazillion little tiny pieces.guess I didn't need it*sobs*

finger print poem-cute for making  mother's/father's day gifts at the daycare with the babies

For Mother's Day - a finger print poem on Flicka. Easy enough to duplicate. Have Jr make this with his finger print and add Katie's finger to it to make the shape of a heart with the 2 kids fingerprints.

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Pick up line kid. my love for you is like diarrhea, i can't hold it in.

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Sherlock Season 3

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Sherlock Season 3

that's not funny, Loki.<<Yeah, don't be a jerk to the sherlock fandom, Loki.

I just want to cry every single time I see this. So much emotion is captured here. This is everything I hope Sherlock and John's reunion to be. *tear* "Three. Years." *choking up*

Normally, I'm not a Johnlock shipper. (i hste the whole Johnlock thing! i believe they have the greatest friendship of all time, and it should stay that way. But this picture tore my heart to shreds.

My heart broke when I read this for the first time...and every time after that

EoS spoilers I think this shows what a good person Aelin is - that she is able to be grateful after all the hurt she has been through and that she is so selfless at the end.

@laurasykora in the #AloYoga Dash Legging #yoga #inspiration

@laurasykora in the #AloYoga Dash Legging #yoga #inspiration