Chola makeup look by Yvette Love. (Hickies are not real, they are part of the look lol)

The eye makeup would be AWESOME for a Halloween costume of some sort, like a witch or some other ghoul.

.Halloween costume lips

Fake It Until You Make It: Bigger Eyes

This is supposedly how to get vampire red lips. People wear red lipstick when they go out. Does that mean their lips look like vampire lips? Does that make them look scary?

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, a burglar turned Batmans Accomplice. Ufffffff

Batman's Morgan Freeman & Catwoman Look Almost as Good as 3D Models as They do in Real Life

Anne Hathaway pkays Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. One day I will have the perfect Catwoman costume.

This Park Ranger Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Will Make You Go "Oh My!" [Pics]

This Park Ranger Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Will Make You Go "Oh My!" [Pics]

The Chonga subculture often indicates a young, working-class woman, who is seen as aggressive, emotionally expressive and is usually Latina

Guys, do guys like the chola style? Let's say a girl is pretty and isn't a b*tch but dresses in the chola style. Gwen Stefani in Chola style Japanese Chola Style Selena.

Teresa: Costume: Evil Scarecrow Costume Wearer: Kevin (Husband) Creator and Sender of the entry: Teresa (Wife) The idea was my husbands after seeing a cool graphic on the internet of a...

Evil Scarecrow - Halloween Costume Contest at