"The Finest Hours," "Star Trek," and "Wonder Woman" star Chris Pine in Schaeffers Garment Hotel and Bassike.

Chris Pine "The Finest Hours" and "Star Trek" Interview

Chris Pine for Armani Code Profumo (2016)                                                                                                                                                     More

If Brits can conquer American Superheros- American *Chris Pine could be Bond. *Chris Pine for Armani Code Profumo

Chris Pine - 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premieres in London

Chris Pine Photos Photos: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premieres in London 2

Chris Pine Photos Photos - Chris Pine attends the International Film Premiere for 'Star Trek Into Darkness' at the Empire Leicester Square in London. - 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premieres in London 2

Chris Pine during Men's Health photoshoot...

Chris Pine's Indestructible Mind-Body Connection

Chris Pine| because he's the future father of my children, I'll over look him wearing that atrocious hat. ;)

Male Gaze: We All Pine for Chris Pine

Chris Pine. I just need a whole board dedicated to him. So hot!

Chris Pine, the Next Action Hero

5 Life Lessons from Chris Pine Chris Pine is one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood and it seems folks want to know everything about him. Fans are curious about who Pine is dating, what he looks like shirtless and if those aqua blue eyes are...

Chris Pine Has a Secret

I’ve returned from the New Jersey Romance Writers’ conference anew and refreshed. I learned so much from so many talented authors that I’m inspired beyond belief. I’ve alrea…