White hat:This white hat wears a black hat and has the skills of a black belt. Sgt. Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger, played by

'Walker, Texas Ranger'

Chuck NORRIS (b. [] Active since 1968 > Born Carlos Ray Norris 10 March 1940 Oklahoma > Other: Martial Artist, Producer, Screenwriter > Spouses: Dianne Holechek div);

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Chuck Norris Joke "Chuck Norris started a small business, President Obama acknowledges that Chuck Norris DID build that"

Chuck Norris First Wife | Chuck Norris and Gena O'Kelly and their children attend "The ...

Chuck Norris and Gena O'Kelly and their children attend "The Expendables premiere in Los Angeles

Chuck Norris Wife | chuck-norris-with-his-wife-gena-and_4033997.jpg

at the Los Angeles Premiere of The Expendables 2 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Chuck Norris as a baby. this made me laughhhhhh!

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Chuck Norris Warns of '1,000 Years of Darkness' If Obama Re-Elected

Norris Warns of '1,000 years of Darkness'

Action film actor and martial artist Chuck Norris issued a grave warning to America's voters this week: Head to the ballot box, or sentence your children to years of darkness." Norris, along with his

Cuck Norris is a god...  WHEN children at a church music camp were asked to draw Jesus Christ, they came up with an interesting look: Chuck Norris in a disco suit. Bahaha!

I'm helping out with a church music camp--they made a Jesus covered in the kids hand and footprints. A lovely idea, but all I see is Chuck Norris in Disco attire! (xpost r/StLouis)

Chuck Norris Living Dead. #chucknorris, #funny, #humor

Chuck Norris does not turn into a zombie; zombies turn into Chuck Norris.

That's how my kids will be.  No doubt.

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