Halo Circle Engagement Ring. I only want a halo, if it's a circle stone. Not square.

Pretty ring, just slightly too big for my taste. Shape and cut beautiful, would want the outer diamonds to be more subtle

One day i would really like to have a ring made that looks exactly like mine, or at least very similar.

Round diamond halo engagement ring with skinny diamond band! Just look at that sparkle! I'm obsessed! Someone show my future husband!

circle cut with halo and a very thin band

HOME GIRL (They All Hate Us)

Solitary diamond on a thin diamond band. Just pair it with a thin diamond wedding band and this is my dream ring!

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Shaun Michelle


my perfect ring! Ladies, those of you who know me make sure my future husband knows about this ring. Round halo with small delicate band with little diamonds all around it. It doesn't even have to be a halo, it can even just be a solitaire diamond.

Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney"s sister) Engagement Ring. Beautiful!

Jamie Lynn Spears: Engaged to Jamie Watson!

Large circle diamond with thin band in white gold. I love this ring!my favorite.just a single big diamond.and little baby small ones for the band.

I like it but I'm not crazy about the design on the band. Not opposed to something on the band but not this specific way

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this is exactly what I want

If I could have this but custom made with the Skinny Flora band, in yellow gold, it would just be too perfect. I love the 6 prong rings! Skinny Webster & Kimberly Rose Gold FB by RosadosBox

Circle Engagement Ring - RING - $34.50

This Ring is So Beautiful and stunning. *Special* *Perfect* *Party* Ring size : (US) High quality Clear Stones Band

Brilliant and beautiful custom engagement ring with delicate diamond band.... This is it. This one.

Brilliant and beautiful custom engagement ring with delicate diamond band. Edit: My actual dream ring and band just a bigger diamond for the halo because I want good coverage of my finger which isn't the skinniest sooo