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In my last post, I shared a free pattern for a shawl by MYpicot on Ravelry.  It’s such a LOVELY pattern.  Here’s Coco Rose Textile’s version.

In my last post, I shared a free pattern for a shawl by MYpicot on Ravelry. It’s such a LOVELY pattern. Here’s Coco Rose Textile’s version.

Coco Rose Diaries: Serendipity  Blog (picture) pattern at Something Pretty

something pretty – the pattern

Coco Rose Diaries: Evening Sun Blanket Ta-dah.........12 squares by 17. A simple granny circle in a square. Six rows of treble clusters to border it before the big lacy edge was added. Sewing in the ends took a while. 204 squares with 8 ends each to sew in, plus all the edgings. measures approx 60 x 78 inches

Coco Rose Diaries: Evening Sun Blanket- no directions. (With Doris Chan's All Shawl border, plus a little extra!

Coco Rose Diaries

Coco Rose Diaries - this 'granny' square would be gorgeous done in all different colours for a 'lacy' blanket

Coco Rose Diaries - Alicia Paulson's Sunshine Day Blanket

Sunshine Day Baby Afghan pattern by Alicia Paulson

@ Coco Rose Diaries: Vanessa's lovely version of Alicia Paulson's pattern…

I MUST make sthg like this!!!! from wonderful coco rose diaries -x-

A Round Up of Yearly Makes.......

The Thing I Love Ta-dah.....

The Thing I Love Ta-dah..... (Coco Rose Diaries)

Hot Water Bottle Tutorial

Coco Rose Diaries: Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial (Ok. this one is kinda, sorta cute. with amnesia and want one).

Coco Rose Diaries: Crochet ~ GORGEOUS! Oh man, I really need to learn how to make hexagons!

Coco Rose Diaries: Crochet afghan - picture, not pattern, like this, have to try to find pattern for this granny hex.