Its So Cold

Its So Cold

LOLOL "it's so cold out side that even Justin Bieber would pull his pants up"

Lord let it stay cold if it helps those sharing crack pull up their Britches.

Okay I LOVE the snow.  And Winter.  But the below zero temperatures are starting to wear thin on me!  Enough already.  ;)

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Sundance sent this as commentary on our weather: Thanks to the folks at DC 101 (a local radio station) for their sense of humor.

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It has literally changed from t-shirt weather to overnight with single windchill ASS is COLD!

Snoopy cold weather humor.

William and Harry, joined by the Duchess of Cambridge, are touring the White Garden, which has been planted in the Princess's memory to mark two decades since she died.

This is how I feel sometimes when I run!

Fitness Motivation - Funny Humor Quote - for when I really get serious about running outside in the winter!