Hi everyone! I'm a Aussie girl. This blog helps to keep me motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle...

Exactly one year ago I was 4 months pregnant and was told my husband had lung cancer. I remember exactly where I was sitting in the waiting room, Jeff's family around me, the surgeon who performed .

Here are the Top Coldplay Songs Chosen by Fans This is it. This is the song that saved my life. Thank you Coldplay.

coldplay-fix you. i actually dedicated this song to someone who said "no one can fix me." i tried, and he walked away. no one can fix you if you enjoy being broken.

Coldplay 'Ghost Stories' Album Review | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone-cold play's new album June 2014... Not typical summer music but gorgeous anyway.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Album Artwork, by Czech artist Mila Fürstová. Recently known by her artwork for Coldplay's latest release "Ghost Stories" and singles.

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