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It's scary what a smile can hide! Depression Grief Sadness Suicidal overwhelmed alone hopeless anxiety insomnia heartbroken broken heart suicide relationship mentally emotional pain invisible hurt sad tears crying cry

Confusion made simple!!!  Forgot what normal feels like so I'll just stay in a state of total confusion!!

Confusion made simple! Forgot what normal feels like so I'll just stay in a state of total confusion!

that feeling when you dont even know what the fuck youre feeling.

Inspirational Quotes: When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.❤️ Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When you don’t know what the fuck do you feel.

This is the perfect quote for how I've been feeling recently. This life is made of planning, but much too often these plans get faltered, changed, and rearranged. It is hard to tell whether or not the path you've chosen is the correct one; however, as your life continues to grow on it is these times of struggle and the unknown that determine our future selves and how we are going to deal with the world even when it seems as though it is doing everything to fight us.

Life is funny, isn't it? Just when you think you've got it all figured out, just when you finally begin to plan something, get excited about it and feel life you know what direction you're heading in. you're LOST.

Either come closer or stay away. Having you in between is very exhausting

And it's been super exhausting. Thank God im over that long time ago. And the best was being released from there🙏🏻😁

Portadas de Alicia en el País de las maravillas :3 [Me encantaría leer cada libro por las ilustraciones]

Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll. The story of Alice and her trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

São Paulo-based artist Ana Strumpf is the illustrator behind the series “Re.Cover” in which she customizes magazine covers such as W, Interview, Dazed & Confused, Esquire, Vogue and ID.

Ana Strumpf’s DIY Magazine Covers

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Oh, and by the way, Oiran are pricey prostitutes who live in brothels. They are not to be confused at all with Geisha.