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Cool & Contemporary Christmas Decorations

we could make stars like this, painted black, and attach string lights. just need strong rigid wire

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Cool & Contemporary Christmas Decorations

I don't go for contemporary in my current house -- more of a farmhouse girl. But I want to do something like this in the long dark hallway.

Cool & Contemporary Christmas Decorations

Cool & Contemporary Christmas Decorations

Check Out 27 Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas To Inspire You. Scandinavian style – it’s not just simplicity, minimalist and functionality.

Top 40 Minimalist And Modern Christmas Tree Décor Ideas Christmas Celebrations

Top Minimalist And Modern Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Christmas means lots of fun and some unique decor ideas for your home. Modern interiors demand minimalist yet contemporary Christmas decoration. And, it starts with the tree! You need not opt for a heavy Christmas tree infused with shiny baubles

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Here are your 10 must-have decorations for your contemporary Christmas  tree!

10 Must-Have Decorations For Your Contemporary Christmas Tree!

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