This doodle gives the simple idea of tracing your hand a whole new meaning. Look closely at all of the inspiring quotes inside!

This doodle gives the simple idea of tracing your hand a whole new meaning. Look closely at all of the inspiring quotes inside! A new spin on Op Art.

If you’re like me, words like “contour” and “blending brush” mean nothing to you. Makeup has always been a prominent aspect of women’s accessories throughout the centuries, but as styles and vary decade to decade, it’s hard to keep up. Modern day makeup has more or less become an art form. Seriously, don’t even get […]

10 Simple Makeup Tips For Beginners

How to Get Long Eyelashes: Tips, Tricks & Products That Work - If you love the look of long dark lashes, then look no further. With this step-by-step guide—and a little help on product selection—you'll get gorgeous lashes every time!

As far as 2017 makeup trends go, perhaps the biggest one so far has been dewy, luminous skin. We finally escaped the contour-crazy phase of our collective lives, and entered the inevitable opposite phase: the fresh-faced, no-makeup one, which features glowing skin and impeccable highlighter. I, for one, am into it. Luminous skin is beautiful to look at, and easier to achieve than a perfectly sculpted, contoured face. The only problem?

20 Easy Tips On How To Get Luminous, Dewy Skin Even In Winter

I mean.... DAMN  Makeup deets on my model @zohrasadat  @maccosmetics studio fix foundation and powder, @cinemasecretspro foundation palettes for highlight and contour (use code DYF for savings!), @anastasiabeverlyhills contour kit and dark brown dipbrow, @maccosmetics coppertone blush, @salehabeauty Hollywood gold highlight and Arabian nights liner (use code DYF15 to save on!), ABH #tamannapalette (noir, chocolate, gilded, fresh, Bengal as usual lol), @urbandecaycosmetics

Makeup by Model Products used: studio fix foundation and powder foundation palettes for and contour kit and dark brown dipbrow coppertone blush Hollywood gold highlight and Arabian nights ABH (noir chocolate gilded fresh Bengal as usual lol)

How To Contour Your Face To Look YoungerThis is only done through the use of two shades of base. This means that you need to work with one foundation that is lighter than your natural skin tone and one that is a few shades darker. When you are contouring, you should not be using a base that actually matches your skin tone.The secret to contouring is all in the blending. After you have dotted on the two different base shades, you need to blend them together. It is important that you invest in…

Use this face map to determine exactly where to apply bronzer, highlighter, and blush. 7 Incredibly Easy Makeup Ideas To Try This Week

I like this because it doesn't go into detail. It's good to keep things simple most of the time. (Pink is for contouring and purple is for highlighting.)

Different Face Shapes Need Different Kinds Of Makeup

highlight and contour for your face shape, also good to know what your face shape is. I have an inverted triangle shaped face.

And by want... I mean I want to know how to do this: Guide on Makeup Contouring

How To Contour

How To Contour - Hairspray and High heels. I have the FIT foundation stick, and it is amazing! (Another good thing,all these products are drugstore)