Metric Units and Measurement Educational Children's Chart Mini Poster

This chart has most of the common measurement conversions for metric and customary length, capacity, and weight / mass . It also has conversions between metric and customary units of measure.

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Customary & Metric Conversions (English & Español)

This is an infographic style poster I created in anticipation of teaching the conversion of the customary units of conversion; length, capacity, and weight. No "Gallon Man" graphics here. It is a high-resolution vector-based illustration created in graphic design software.

Units of Measurement: Metric Length

Introduce your child to basic metric units of length (centimeters, meters and kilometers) with this conversion worksheet.

metric and customary units of measurement - anchor chart (image only) **station activity. assign to students struggling with units of measurement to be in charge of creating the chart

Length Measurement Anchor Chart

This anchor chart includes both customary and metric units of length. Print on a 24 poster. I get mine printed at Sams! This another of my friends pictures on the her wall.