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So true! Better to be strong and intelligent instead of crazy and weak.

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Like the fact that you gave up our daughter in fine print then decided to call me a piece of shit when your other ex wife created lies.

You can never fully appreciate having a awesome girlfriend, till you've had a crazy-ex.

Just wondering why crazy ex girlfriends can't stay out they exes lives

Yes lol it amazes me how stupid she is and how she tries to make other people think she is telling the truth!

I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life, If I die by next Tuesday.sums up my life!

Being the bitter, jealous, controlling, crazy ex-wife is out, sweetie. Try being a loving mother to your children instead.

It's called shampoo and water. You can try and use it sometime instead of finding 100 ways to make dirty hair look nice.