Forensic Of Criminal Defense: How Criminals Are Caught

Some of the most famous and brutal crimes throughout history and the criminals who carried them out including Ted Bundy and Mary Bell.

Woah 😳😰 Famous Crimes - I'm glad The Black Dahlia was there, that case has always intrigued me

Fingerprint features. Classification of dernmatoglyphic patterns as used within forensic science.

DIY a CSI Party; Great for your children to explore like a CSI agent, compare your friends fingerprints with these Fingerprint patterns (OP). Hunt for evidence.

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Why Do Some People Hurt People?

HowStuffWorks "Stringing, Sine and Spatter Shapes"

How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works

5 Black Crime Myths: Which Ones Did You Believe?    Facts can sometimes prove to be the difference between life and death. We need to look no further than Trayvon Martin's case to see the difference between perception and reality when it comes to criminal activity and race. Let's start educating ourselves and our society. Please share.

5 black crime myths: Which ones did you believe?

Five Myths About Crime in Black America—and the Statistical Truths [infographic]

@Liz Mester Mester Sanders crime infographic.

What Are Your Chances of Becoming a Crime Statistic? Crime Statistics Infographic brought to you by Instant Checkmate criminal background checks

Finding clues of the victims bodies what the killer DNA is on him or her victim

Forensic science at the crime scene infographic (Los Angeles web design). Or "I swear I am a writer.