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Celebs Love This Low-Maintenance Hair Trick

How to Crimp Your Hair With a Curling Iron

How to Crimp Your Hair With a Curling Iron

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i love the look of Crimped hair ..even more than curly!

Why Crimp Hairstyles Could be The Next Big Thing

wet hair, 2 french braids, sleep on it.(Hint: for long or thick hair let hair dry somewhat before french braiding so you don't wake up with wet hair and no waves! But my hair never turns out this good when i sleep in french braids.

Long Pastel Purple Crimped Hair

20 Cute Ways to Style Crimped Hair

Wavy crimped hair not only look interesting but also create unbelievable volume. Find all useful tips about hair crimping in our article!

Incorporate braids instead of twists. MAGDALENE by Diliana Florentin via

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How To Crimp Hair At Home

Learn The Art On How To Curl Long Hair In 10 Minutes

119 Me gusta, 3 comentarios - Mary Gardner (@hairfairymary) en Instagram: "TBT to the fun tropical rainbow hair I did "

Would never do this, but it's sooo pretty