TIP #112: Cleanliness is close to godliness?... Whatever... keep your skin clean and soft no man can resist it.

TIP Cleanliness is close to godliness? keep your skin clean and soft no man can resist it, photography, portrait, woman, black and white


Idea of air visible on stage -,use balloons, alternative to bubbles at end of show? (Airheads) by Jacob Sutton ~Fashion photography. Cropped from original colour photo.

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Idea: It's 9 pm somewhere near Piccadilly Circus in London. Me and my bestie are laughing, loving the city lights. I take a pic

Wish I would have done more when mine was this little, but could still be cute…

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" I couldn't help but ask when i saw the girl standing amongst the holly tree's leaves. "She's not really a person" my friend paused, "She's. The pretty berries inside the spiked tree"

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(this comment is hilarious:) I find most pregnancy pics totally cheese-dick. This one I actually kinda like.I'm sure I can get josh to do this since his face won be in the picture and he can be watching tv while taking the picture ha.

Photography Limb crops: Don't crop at the red lines! Glad this was posted! Hate pics with feet, hands, fingers cropped off or a pole or tree growing out of a person's head! I must remember photography rules! Where is the Rule of Thirds?

Photography limb crops: Don't crop at the red lines. Crop at the green lines (or don't crop). For scrapbooking, cropping photography, and graphic/layout.

Look Cropped + Short

Look Cropped + Short

Top Crop. Anos 90.

Nineties Chanel girls. - Carla Bruni, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell by Karl Lagerfeld, 1993

Corte bob com mil inspirações para vocês cortar o seu cabelo.

O corte da moda é um só: BOB.

It is known that fine hair has volume. The required volume is achieved with the right haircut. Fine hair can be woven. Fine hair can be enhanced with stylish hair cut. Haircuts for fine hair appearing

Caleb and his step dad... Technical: 1. Lighting: Daylight. 2. Composition: Vertical and horizontal  creates linear crosses.  3. Rule of thirds crop creates diagonals with the eyes! Aesthetic:  4. 5. Excellent juxtaposition of body sizes. 6. Duplication of body position adds humorous mimicking. 7. Message: A man to look up to and emulate. 8. A really loving shot. Wonderful Step-father idea!

Fotos de pai e filho: 30 ideias para amar (e reproduzir!)

Caleb and his step dad. Composition: Vertical and horizontal creates linear crosses. Aesthetic: Excellent juxtaposition of body sizes. Duplication of b