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This week on We Hear You, Rhonda Livingstone, ACECQA’s National Education Leader, writes about cultural competence. Cultural competence is about our will and actions to build understanding between…

Empowering Educators Through Cultural Competence. A must-read by educator and author Jose Vilson via @edutop

Empowering Educators Through Cultural Competence

We're teaching students, not just curriculum, so cultural competence should equal professional competence, especially with students who don't share our background or level of privilege.

Deep Culture Topics in the foreign language classroom

Culture - The Cultural Iceberg, showing aspects of surface culture and deep culture that stem from your cultural heritage. Really cool way to demonstrate how deep someone's culture is and how deeply rooted things are that make us different!

Dimensions of Diversity - Cultural Competence, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative from CANATX

Gender and Diversity Management at the University of Freiburg — Gender und Diversity Portal

The Iceberg Concept of Culture is something that should be brought to everyone’s attention. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Iceberg Concept of Culture- I use this for so many activities in class. Primarily, I use it for students to analyze elements of culture found in literature, movies, and art. It helps them seem deeper than the surface levels of culture.

NEA - Diversity Toolkit: Cultural Competence for Educators

Cultural competence is the ability to successfully teach students who come from a culture or cultures other than our own. Examine the main issues and consider the strategies.

Cultural Competence, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiative

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