What beautiful eyes!

Abyssinian Cat Breeds

Pitbull puppy with some INTENSE sea green eyes. It's a shame to think that this beautiful breed's potential is constantly slandered by a violent stigma

pitbull puppy | Tumblr, little River

River, the blue nose pit bull pup. He looks like my baby blue pit Nori's twin! Oh my gosh they hurt my heart :)

Smelling the summer flowers!

Here's a baby picture of my little girl, Lucy.


The holidays are on the way, and there's still time to get the perfect gift for the Pit Bull lover in your life. Here are 9 holiday gift ideas that will have Pit Bull lovers barking for joy!

Pitbull puppy enjoying the sun

15 Very Interesting and Funny Dog Haircuts

Ready for some serious squee? Archer is a baby pit–husky mix. Don't look in his eyes for too long — he might melt you with his little puppy face.

12 Pit Bull Mixes Who Are Just As Ridiculously Cute As Rami This is a Husky/Pit eeeee so cute. Love the blue eyes on the dog makes him pop out

Not sure why you would paint your dog's nails but the bow is adorable on this cutie pie

PLEASE do not put nail polish on your pets. Nail polish has lots of toxic ingredient, and animals are known to lick themselves. Plus why adorn a dogs with bows clothes and other silly things? LET THE DOGS BE DOGS!

Ohhhhhhhhh Cute Pit Bull Puppy 20 Cute Pitbull Dog Puppies | http://fallinpets.com/20-cute-pitbull-dog-puppies/

20 Cute Pitbull Dog Puppies

Pitbulls- are the best dogs a family can have! My pit bull is a princess ___ Visit our website now!