A day in the life of Dan and Phil in London!<< I LOVE DANISNOTONFIRE AND AMAZINGPHIL!!!!!!!! XD

Times Danisnotonfire And AmazingPhil Have Shown The True Meaning Of Friendship

#more proof that dan and phil have psychic powers | source: http://altphan.tumblr.com/

He knows cause they got that couple mind reading shit going on


Phan: Stickers

dan and phil yin yang. Me and my girlfriend got matching yin yang chokers.

But I'm looking at my will to live right now. Dan and Phil are the reason I'm alive.

But I'm looking at my will to live right now. Dan and Phil are the reason I'm alive. <<< Same. I can't count how many times I've wanted to kill myself but saw a new DnP vid and it stopped me.

The Zodiac signs as Dan and Phil moments/memes/etc. (I'd also like to… #random Random #amreading #books #wattpad

Imagine if dan and Phil saw this as they were driving and then they come to a stop and just make out in the car ^~^ <<<<< Excuse le language but omg yes

Dan looks like a fan girl who ran into phil and took a picture

we’ve completed our white girl pilgrimage to the first ever starbucks in seattle ☕️ (at Original Starbucks)

Dan is already regretting this and same Phil same

Phil: here we have a Dan in his natural habitat, called the existential crisis. During these moments, the Dans are questioning their life. We must also lay down beside them to make them feel better.

Phil: NOOOO Dan: mMhmmHmm wHaAT soRrY tHiS CeREal Is jUsT sO goOD iT tAsTEs lIkE viCTory!

This is the best photo to ever exist I swear look at Phil's face though :( poor Phil

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Aww, this is to all of you out there that think youre just average, youre amazing<<<< he's more than amazing. He's inspirational, he is a life saver to many fans. He doesn't give up on us, or anybody

You "think" that's Dan and Phil, lol

If I came across this irl, I would scream at the top of my lungs either "ladders" or "danger men at work" ~ Asher