Totally me

dance to express, not to impress - so you are really in love with your life and yourself.

I don't just dance.

I don't just dance. I perform. I watch the world disappear. I release my feelings. I lead with my heart. I stop feeling sad. I lose the pain. No, I don't just dance. I do so much more .

The dancer is the ultimate athlete.

Amazing Dance Photography

Gymnastics, Ballet, Nastia Liukin, i wish i could do stuff like this!


'This quote makes me want to write a book about a girl who wants to be a prima ballerina and who's parents want her to go to collage and have a more practical dream like to be a teacher.' - sounds just like my life

Ali Lubin @alisonatalya  #OZR_Dance #

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This is so true! I quit dance about a year ago, but I still dance all the time in my room!