“Légy hasonló az égen szálló madárhoz…, aki a törékeny gallyon megpihenve átéli az alatta tátongó mélységet, mégis vígan énekel, mert bízik szárnyi erejében.”

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Why am I like this. Everyday stuck in darkness, any bit of bright light burning my body still doesn't help Me escape

(Open Rp) wjy am I like this. Everyday stuck in darkness, any bit of bright light burning my body, she was my only bit of joy.

Dark anime boy

This boy, beaten by his own parents. Treated like crap. He thought he would never be loved. He never talked to anyone, he never laughed. He would walk home with a reluctant look on his face.

Imagine a morte, sem pessoas, sem sentimentos, apenas uma palavra escura e pacífica.

Death comes with eternal peace. there is no hell. The reason why so many hurt people wish for death is because they wish to feel no pain

Near looks so different somehow in this picture  (This is different....)

~What I've Done~ Artist: Linkin Park~ Genre: Rock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ماذا لو كانت الحياة حلم والموت يجعلك تستيقظ؟  Anime Quotes

But that would also explain why when we get knocked out we see darkness Or how some of our lives are literal nightmares, and dreams are when we are actually awake

I don't have any words. Just really like this pic desu~ qwq

This is Zink, he is a hybrid experiment gone wrong. His creator messed up in him and he wants revenge. So he takes kids and tried to turn them into hybrids like him. He's an evil sick man who cares about no one.