Great date nut bread recipe

Grandma's Date Nut Bread. I'm searching for a date nut bread that's like the no-longer-available Thomas's date nut loaf. That was the darkest and stickiest of them all! Anyone with a link to a recipe for that type of loaf, please share!

Retro (Mad Men-style) date nut bread with cream cheese | Mother Would Know.

Retro Date Nut Bread

Date nut bread- this delicious bread is moist, chewy and full of flavor!

Pinner posted "Date nut bread- this delicious bread is moist, chewy and full of flavor!" Wonder if it compares to Esther's recipe

Date Nut Bread Recipe

Date Nut Bread is a real treat. This date nut bread sounds too good-for-you to be good, until you taste it: Plump and moist and chock full of goodies.

Old Fashioned Date Bread - I have made this many times and it's always delicious!  I skip the nuts because of an allergy in the family and it is still good.  Especially with a nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning.  Yum!  Replaced white flour with white whole wheat for a healthier version.

Old-Fashioned Date-Nut Bread

Famous banana bread recipe made with dates and walnuts. SUPER YUMMY! Recipe via

Deliciously moist banana bread with sticky, sweet dates and chopped pecans nestled inside. Perfect holiday gift for a neighbor, colleague, or hostess!