Dead Rising 3 by In-Hyuk Lee

Marvel has released a digital comic based on the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising The Dead Rising 3 comic features characters from the upcoming game.

I'm actually loving this game so much right now, compared to Dead Rising 1 and 2 it's much, much better. The frame rate and share capacity of Zombies on screen is remarkable!

Dead Rising 3 ~XBOX ONE - Anything and everything is a weapon in Dead Rising Explore the city of Los Perdidos, scavenge for supplies and improvise new weapon combinations as you fight to survive in a massive open world overrun with zombies.

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition PC Game

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition PC Game

nick ramos dead rising 3 Review: Dead Rising 3 | Xbox One

Something has to be said for standing atop a crashed delivery van, panning round 360 degrees and being surrounded by hundreds of flesh-eating zombies.

Dead Rising 3 - ViDoc - Zombie Apocalypse Evolved - IGN Video

See tons of new features, weapons, suits, and other nonsense in this detailed making-of feature.

Dead Rising 3 - I can't imagine Nick being so happy to kill zombies...

Dead Rising 3 - I can't imagine Nick being so happy to kill zombies.

Now THIS is what I've been waiting for! The New Dead Rising 3 Trailer! I'm excited. Are you?

The latest trailer for Capcom's "Dead Rising is entirely CGI and features no gameplay, but it's still pretty awesome.

Dead Rising 3 - Mega Man X outfit and X-Blaster trailer

Complete Dead Rising 3 twice and you can unlock the complete Mega Man X outfit!

Dead Rising 3 - Apocalypse Edition

Dead Rising 3 Comes to PC This Summer - Dead Rising 3 will finally make the trek to the PC this summer. This the seventh installment in the Dead Rising franchise and has already sold over one Million copies for Xbox

Dead Rising 3 Preview

The Deadrising series has been a favourite of mine for a while. I enjoy Deadrising 3 as it's a sandbox full of zombies. The missions arent so fun, but i like that the game doesn't take itself seriously.