Experts say it could change how we define desert.

There's a giant underground ocean hidden in the middle of this Chinese desert

Arguably the most famous midcentury modern home, architect Richard Neutra’s 1946 Kaufmann House is one of the most important examples of International Style in the United States and helped define “desert modernism.” Located at 470 W. Vista Chino in Vista Las Palmas.

Drive-Thru Modern Marvels

Even if you were late in line to Modernism Week’s guided bus tour, you don’t have to miss out.

Albert Frey  •Moved to the US in 1930, becoming the first architect in America to have worked for Le Corbusier •Takes a building commission in Palm Springs in 1934, helps define “Desert Modernism” •Incorporates International style ideals into the harsh climate of the desert and helped establish Palm Springs as a center of mid-century modernism

The caretakers of Aluminaire House want to relocate the structure, which was built for a 1931 architectural exhibit, to Sunnyside Gardens, but residents say their brick landmarked district is no place for the house.

Conflicts are all around us and the way we approach them, truly defines who we are as a person. In this picture a situation is present and there are different ways to approach it and once we can determine our way of approaching a conflict, we can find a better way to solve that problem or conflict and this will then help us grow into a better person.

Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Workplace

I like it when boys roll up their jeans and show their sweet shoes and have cool socks

This is one of my favorite looks for both men and women. Jeans with a peekaboo colored sock and a leather, oxford, or velvet shoe. Try Arthur George or Ellen Degeneres socks for cool patterns.

#ClippedOnIssuu from Defining Desert Living Volume II 2014

Defining Desert Living Volume II 2014

#ClippedOnIssuu from Defining Desert Living Volume II 2014

De acordo com o United States selvagem Act, de 1964, "oportunidade para a solidão" é um dos qualificadores que define deserto.  Olhando para as estrelas sozinho em um espaço selvagem remoto aproveita essa oportunidade.  Com ele vem uma maior consciência da sua vulnerabilidade, combinada com um senso de independência.  A batida do coração pulsante da vida ao seu redor parece refletido nas estrelas acima

Stargazing: the perfect way to experience the wilderness – in pictures

After multiple seasons as a natural history guide and backcountry patrol ranger for the US Forest Service, Joe Whittle has come to the conclusion that to fully experience wilderness, one must spend time in it alone at night