Ashclaw. Hates other wolves and loves battle. He is selfish and cruel. He was recently in Dawn Pack but left and joined Scar Pack he though it "Was the right place to be."

Nightmare // male // no mate or pups // he can summons spirits and is slightly insane

:. Forsaken.: by on @DeviantArt

He chased me and he wouldn't stop . ~Melenie Martinez (Tag, your it)

the retribution by on @DeviantArt

Dane Sladen's brother evil cruel deadly nasty wants to join Cyclone hates Mist loves killing for fun never sleeps or eats enjoys hurting other wolfs his power to cast dark mist and to turn enemy's to stone

I feel it my bones by miss-fenris on deviantart

Bone: Evil, guard of the demon land, kills, Type: Demon wolf Mate: NONE

reposted from Stone Lions -  (stonelions on tumblr) - the words on the original post are mighty as well.

stonelions: “ give yourself over to the wolf. let it eat the parts of you that are sick, that are damaged beyond salvage. let the wolf in and let it clean house, and let it leave again. the wolf knows which parts must be swallowed.

Shaina by fuzz-butt on DeviantArt (Demons Wolf - Sae Hee)

Shaina by fuzz-butt on DeviantArt (Demons Wolf - Sae Hee)