Cute! Another good one to do for my shoulder

Tangled sun tattoo with flowers

Pascal sketch and watercolor tattoo! :D Tangled

All my Disney/Pixar tattoos shall be watercolor!

disney tangled tattoos - Google Search

Use my Celtic knot as the center

TANGLED INSPIRED TATTOO. Not sure about the placement. Love no black outlines! (NOTE: when clicking through to the link she states that this photo was taken right after it was created so both the lavender AND BRUISING is shown).

Tangled lantern for reference

Tangled + LOTR + Bible verse. This is perfect. || RADTEA's Tangled/LotR tattoo

My Tangled/LotR tattoo! Tangled has inspired me & been a part of my relationship with my bf of 6 years who I am so very happy.

Tangled - Sun Silhouette Vinyl Decal

Preparing your Party : Festa Enrolados

Disney Tangled Tattoo   Keywords: rapunzel princess purple yellow flower sun shoulder mom birthdate collarbone

Below are some things you want to understand and things you may wish to think about when getting UV ink tattoos. It is wonderful how tattooing has technically evolved from historical tribal designs (

Disney tattoos: watercolor tangled

Rapunzel tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues

Love this Disney's Tangled tattoo

Love this Disney's Tangled tattoo

Click this image to show the full-size version.

Tangled Tattoo I think that this would look awesome on my calf.this is the only Disney movie that I have ever even considered getting a tattoo of I just love it so much!

Love the outline.. would totally do black with henna print on the inside <3

Love the tetris coming off the watercolor! And the lighter outline with the dark fill in looks way cool.

disney tangled tattoo - Google Search

disney tangled tattoo - Google Search

Frozen/Tangled AWESOMENESS!

Fire & Ice tattoo inspired by Robert Frost.

Disney Tangled Tattoos

Disney Tangled Tattoos

Disney's Tangled "Lost Princess" I want just the black and white on my inner heel

Disney's Tangled "Lost Princess" I want just the black and white on my inner heel

Tangled tattoo Disney tangled tattoo and Tangled on Pinterest

Tangled - Dainty Disney Tattoos That Only True Fans Will Know Are Disney Tattoos - Photos