space saver solution | DIY small ironing board (plus it's cute!)

Pretty Handy Ironing Board

Laundry room ironing board for counter top or dryer top. I need to do this so the ironing board is not hanging out In our room all the time


Build Your Own Ironing Table

this is the approach I want to use for my ironing table top but will probably put it over ClosetMaid cubes instead of the IKEA Norden table.

Ironing and cutting center with basket and bookshelf storage - built with a bookcase and 2 by 4 foot sheet of plywood.   Buzzinbumble on the QB

DIY Ironing & Cutting Board On it, in this order, from the plywood out, we staple gunned: 1 layer of Insulbright - shiny side up 2 layers of cotton batting 1 layer of heavy canvas 1 layer of that silver ironing board fabric from JoAnn's