Background photo from Dominik Schröder  See the entire project to my portfolio

AG - The finished logo

Budapest Public Transport Logos on Behance - created via

Budapest Public Transport Logos on Behance. - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

clim1.jpg (600×401)

The text appears to break up or disintigrate for an aesthetically pleasing effect

by @TheMetatron,  a talented young Graphic Artist and Digital DJ from Salzburg...

Just Banana Logo & CD CoversClient: Just Banana (France)Type: Graphic DesignYear: Banana is an electro band made up of 3 crazy guys, F.

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DJ Logo design using type

I find this logo appealing as well as the artist has incorporated their initials and the dj title into the icon and the white font on the black background is quite simple and yet its very appealing.