"the pandorica opens" embroidery - heather ramsden, in the style of van gogh

"The Pandorica Opens" - Doctor Who Embroidery - NEEDLEWORK - I've recently taken part in the Doctor Whoopla Swap, and when my partner said she loved the Eleventh Doctor (my fave too!

Ah so cute embroidery doctor who

One Tiny Doctor Who Thing Gallery - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS - Welcome to the gallery Send Outs post pics after you receive to show off your goodies SentSending late with communicationRec

Stormageddon: Doctor Who Baby Cross-Stitch Pattern Download

A babys room sign for a Doctor Who fan. This cross-stitch pattern references the Doctors season six episode Closing Time. The Doctor

Doctor Who                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Love this clock! Have a DW clock because I took a regular clock and mod podged pics of the Doctor over the numbers!

Doctor Who Shoes by ~EerieStir on deviantART

Doctor Who Shoes by ~EerieStir on deviantART That is. Lot of epic ness on one pair of shoes.

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Doctor Who - Genius quote by designer PixyStitches. - via @Craftsy ---LOVE it!

Doctor Who - Genius quote

Perler bead Doctor Who TARDIS tutorial

Perler TARDIS tutorial

The Doctor's Name circular gallifreyan cross-stitch #DoctorWho

The Doctor's Name (Doctor Who)

tardis cross stitch pattern | Doctor Who - TARDIS Pattern by hawkdaughter in

I found a TARDIS cross stitch pattern online, but it was very sloppy (too skinny, and the letters ["POLICE BOX"] were just white squares). Doctor Who - TARDIS Pattern

The TARDIS, week 12 of the Doctor Who Stitch Along on Fandom in Stitches. A free hand embroidery pattern designed by Angelica Rodriguez. fandominstitches.com

A whole mess of fan-made FREE Doctor Who embroidery patterns, ideal for quilt squares. Unleash the nerd! These are all fantastic patterns!