»✿❤CRS❤✿« Doctor Who - Running through each regeneration. (Click through to see the animation)

All Eleven Doctors Run Forever in an Amazing 'Doctor Who' GIF

Doctor Who - Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense. You're just not keeping up.

77 Images/Gifs That Perfectly Describe Your Schools Years

Doctor Who - Excuse me, I'm making perfect sense. You're just not keeping up.

Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Skin - Take My Paycheck - Shut up and take my money! | The coolest gadgets, electronics, geeky stuff, and more!

DIY TARDIS Police Box Fridge Turns Your Kitchen Into A Geek’s Paradise. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to turn your refrigerator into a real TARDIS? It could be your own secret hideaway for whenever you need to get away

Doctor Who TARDIS Mosaic Lantern by piecesofmyart on Etsy, $200.00

TARDIS LANTERN Pieces of My Art on Etsy is offering this lovely mosaic TARDIS lamp. Candle not included. Candle larger than the inside of the lantern not included.

Don't turn away. Don't close your eyes. Don't even blink. Or this Doctor Who Weeping Angel Christmas Topper will get you.  It's okay if your Christmas light blink as long as you don't. This tree topper adds so

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Christmas Topper

Doctor Who's Top Ten Most Tragic Deaths. Radio Times | TV news and guide, TV and radio listings, film reviews guide

Doctor Who's top ten most tragic deaths

the girl in the fireplace. I loved this episode but I didn't like her kissing the Doctor. He belongs to Rose!

The Doctor Who News Page: The Vampires of Venice Preview 8/5/10

Love the art direction & costumes. Credit: Doctor Who, Season Episode "The Vampires of Venice"

I WANT THIS! so next birthday/christmas/anyday, this is a good gift idea for me :D

buy Dr Who Doctor Monopoly on sale at Urban Collector. The world's best-selling board game, the appropriately named Monopoly, is a game for all of the fami

Keep your feet all warm and toasty Doctor Who style. These Doctor Who K-9 Slippers look just like the 4th Doctor's robotic dog companion, K-9. They are just softer. And for your feet. Good dog K-9! Good dog! These are great for

Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

Robot Dog - Sometimes at the end of a long day, the greatest way to relax is with some Robot Dog slippers. If your real furry dogs are barking, then don&rs.

Just make it a good one  (via https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doctor-Who-and-the-TARDIS/276710412383657 )

Dr who quote. As someone once said: "Either write a book worth reading about or live a life worth writing about.

Although it's dangerous to read too much into these things, Doctor Who News has discovered an interview that Matt Smith ...

Is Matt Smith Planning On Leaving Before Doctor Whos 50th Anniversary?

Star Wars Terrariums

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I want an ewok garden. Awesome Star Wars Terrariums Are Awesome And For Sale

rstevens:  What’s not to love? From his official site.

Of course Tom Baker likes cats and they like his back.

Wedding bouquet made with a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver and pages out of Sherlock Holmes books. Awesome!

A bridal bouquet made from the pages of a Sherlock Holmes novel and River Song's sonic screwdriver. Bouquet by Bookworm Eats Flower and ElsaWolf, photo by Stephanie Jones Photography. (via The Mary Sue and Offbeat Bride) Damn, ultimate nerd bouquet.