Door hinges

Install or Replace Door Hinges

Install or Replace Door Hinges

How to Install or Replace Door Hinges. Door hinges play an important role in our everyday lives; Hinges on exterior doors provide the first line of safety for the family inside, and offer.

Use a golf tee to fix a stripped hole - put in carpenter glue, hammer in tee, cut off excess, drill a new pilot hole, then re-insert the screw

Fix a Stripped Hole With a Golf Tee: put wood glue in the hole; hammer golf tee into hole; use box cutter to cut off excess tee; drill pilot hole and screw the new wood screw directly into the tee.

THIS will be on my barn, etc

Western barn door with homemade hinge made out from old horseshoes.

Removing years of bad paint decisions from hinges and door knobs. Easy as water, heat, and baking soda. I actually did this in my old bungalow. Really very easy, butr emember, metal gets hot people.... I may or may not have burned myself.

How To: Strip Hardware with Baking Soda

Strip Hardware with Baking Soda. Boil with baking soda or Soak for few hrs in boiling hot water or soak washcloth in hot mixture drape over hardware

Designer door hardware

Sunwood Custom Garage Doors- Adding hardware to your wood door creates an even more decadent look

Swing Away Expandable Offset Door Hinges - Great item when moving a elderly person into your home. It enables them to use their wheelchair through tight doorways. #LifeSavor #Caregiver #GreatProduct

To get extra clearance in pantry? (To get appliances in) *** Offset Hinges are expandable and widen doorway openings an extra two inches so wheelchairs and walkers easily fit through.

Cook Brothers Phoenix Interleaf Hinges - heavy duty continuous hinges - reduce gap from 12mm to 3mm

Cook Brothers Phoenix Interleaf Hinges - heavy duty continuous hinges - reduce gap from to

Hinge makes doorways wider for wheelchairs! No need to take off doors to move wheelchairs in your house. Just install these hinges in your existing door and frame.

Offset Door Hinge adds an additional 2 inches to any doorway. Offset Door Hinges are also known as Swing Clear Hinges as they will actually swing your door clear of the door frame making it easier to get a wheelchair or walker through the doorway.

Item #25740 : 3 Door Hinges Black Wrought Iron Hinge 5"

Black Wrought Iron Strap Hinges Rustproof 5 in. Set of 3