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Beautiful side-by-side shotgun. I'm not usually a fan of guns, but this is so sexy

double barreled shotgun (as mentioned later in the article), but the NYT still referred to it as an “automatic shotgun”. I guess some things never change. H ...

Hudson Collectible Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun David would Love this!

I need to make this Double-Barreled Band Gun!

I need to make this Double-Barreled Band Gun!

The No - weld Double Barrel Smoker

The No-Weld Double-Barrel Smoker (and How to Use It)

The No-Weld Double Barrel DIY Smoker - full temperature control and detailed instructions

HEX DUO (revolving double barrel shotgun) by Designerr on DeviantArt

HEX DUO was the code name used for the "Hexagonale Cylindre-Double Barillet" shotgun by the french company Gérard S. during its initial design stages, which was maintained on the final versi.

double barrel shotgun

Double Barrel Shotgun === side by side is good for a wider spread, over/under stays on target better because both barrels are exactly inline with the sights and not between the barrels like a side by side.