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Tesla Cord Wrangler Kit by Eclectic3DThings on Etsy

Tesla Cord Wrangler Kit by Eclectic3DThings on Etsy

I so would love this!

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Secret Cleaning Tips From the Pros

I've got a head start on this laundry room - I've got an old Coke crate.  Now to work on the rest of the room.

Oooh La La love the green built in cabinets in this laundry room. I might make the cabinet larger and use them as his and hers closets.

Built-in cabinetry boosts storage capabilities and looks beautiful in this laundry room:

Stylish & Efficient Laundry Rooms

Interior Design: Small Laundry Room Ideas LaurieFlower decorating ideas for laundry room, laundry room art ideas ~ Laurieflower

25 household uses for borax--good to know.  i've always got a box of borax on hand.

Many uses for Borax, some I've never heard of. Also, watch the video at the bottom of the page to see what to do with the contents of your vacuum cleaner bag.

Central vacuum cleaner. Vacuum baseboards can be  installed in problem areas. Expensive but good for people with allergies.

What Is A Central Vacuum Cleaner : Find out what a central vacuum cleaner is and how it differs from the traditional vacuum cleaners. What are the benefits of this type of vacuum and how it can benefit you.

The humans of the house are assisted in picking up cat fur by five Roomba automatic vacuum cleaners

Home builder creates cat-friendly home for 14 rescued felines

Trillium Enterprises - When a house is taken over by 18 cats, it is only natural that the owner would choose to appease them in any way possible; with the help of Trilliu.

Hermit Crab in pipe, looks like a broken vacuum cleaner pipe.

Hermit crab with unusual home on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

the eclectic ark: How to Recycle Silverware into Art

Love this whimsical iPhone stand made out of forks and spoons. Forked Up Art More:All of the iPhone stands on MAKE

This 1926 vacuum cleaner was manufactured by Air-Way Sanitizor of Toledo, Ohio. It includes attachments and a disposable bag.

The 1926 Air-Way Sanitizor vacuum cleaner.the very first with a disposable paper bag. "Sanitation To The Nation.

Ah mothers. Aren’t we great? Always running around serving, Acting like a combination of Martha and Mary. A+ Mums, right? Think again. When we refuse to give up control, we shut out the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact we end up acting just like vacuum cleaners when it is /p

Polish Madonna- the Blessed Mother hanging laundry while the toddler Jesus plays at her feet.

the eclectic ark: How to Recycle Silverware into Art

the eclectic ark: How to Recycle Silverware into Art