Elle Faning

The Little Black Jacket

Sally Richards, the main protagonist and the train-agent from "An Star Journey: Sally's New Adventure"

I feel that if a Spider Gwen movie were to be made later on or if they ever need a younger Gwen, Elle Fanning would be PERFECT!

floral crown for bridesmaids or flower girls #boho #bohemian #bohobride

Elle Fanning, “Hollywood Heroines” for New York Times Magazine, photograped by Tierney Gearon,

Elle Fanning - Nylon Magazine Outtake.

Elle Fanning Nylon Magazine Outtakes

fhawne: “elle fanning (taken from instagram) ”

“erinayanianmonroe: One of my favorite makeups I’ve done for Elle. Pink, vanilla, and shimmer courtesy of Chanel with a Burberry highlighting powder on the cheekbone. McQueen dress and blonde hair for.