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Essential Oil’s and Pregnancy: A brief overview!

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How to Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Rub grapefruit and lemon essential oils on your feet to keep them from swelling.

17 Mind Blowing Maternity Hacks You'll Want To Immediately Bookmark

Essential oils can help with nausea and sleep during pregnancy, but make sure you know what oils are safe for you and your baby!

Your Guide To Prenatal Essential Oils

Curb unpleasant pregnancy symptoms naturally with essential oils. Learn which are beneficial and which you essential oils to avoid when pregnant.

Young Living - Babies and Essential Oils

What Is A Diffuser For Essential Oils?

Essential Oils in the Nursery Infographic ~ Young Living - Babies and Essential Oil (Local Doula Collective is not affiliated with this product)

essential oils for labor, birth, and recovery

essential oils for labor, birth, and recovery

An overview of the essential oils and oily products that I used during the end of my pregnancy, my labor, and recovering after childbirth.

How essential oils can help curb your appetite so you consume fewer calories and lose weight.

Can Essential Oils Make You Lose Weight