Examples of very creative techniques that you can achieve with acrylic paint: Splattering, Pouring, Dripping, Texturing, Sponge painting, Masking, Collage, etc.

How to Paint with Acrylics: Creative Painting Techniques

Painting tips for beginners. A guide to acrylic paint techniques you can use to get creative effects: Splattering, Pouring, Masking, Collage, and more.

Alvaro Castagnet | Art&Tatucya #Abstract #Art. Love abstrat art, follow @cutephonecases @galaxycase

Abstract: It is an example of abstract art because it is taking a city scene and distorting the image. The colors used and the way the artist has distorted the image makes it seem like a rainy day was being painted as it seemed to the artist.

A Cantina, by Estudio Nomada / Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Gallery of A Cantina / Estudio Nomada - 2

Remodelista, Estudio Nomada, Peter Eisenman, Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, abstract forest of trees extends from the dining room tables. We can appreciate this design.

Subtractive Styrofoam Sculpture: Students look at examples of abstract sculpture made by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi, and create an abstract sculpture that represents an emotion through color and form. - See more at:

abstract expressionism sculpture Subtractive sculpture based on an emotion Student work Ninth Grade Art

Expanded Eye Collab Back - This is an example of an abstract tattoo that you can put on your back and even extend to both your arms. It’s definitely artistic and pleasing to the eyes.

40 Incredible Artistic Tattoo Designs

Surreal thigh tattoo This thigh tattoo gives off a retro vibe infused with the jungle. It kinds of remind you of those cool graffiti you see on city walls.

55+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoos- nice things to think about with abstraction. look into finding an artist who's experienced in and willing to do watercolor + abstraction

65+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo

Tattooing collected Abstract watercolor tattoo on inner arm for girl in Prodigious Tattoos. And Abstract watercolor tattoo on inner arm for girl is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 380 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about for girls.

Art Wall Big Country Sky I  by Jan Weiss 2 Piece Canvas Art Set

Big Country Sky I by Jan Weiss 2 Piece Canvas Art Set

ArtWall "Big Country Sky I" by Jan Weiss 2 Piece Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas Set Size: